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Welcome to Turkey Land Cove Foundation

Turkey Land Cove Foundation (TLC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization committed to providing working residencies to women.  


Our Mission 

Turkey Land Cove Foundation offers working residencies for motivated woman so that they

may pursue professional, educational and/or artistic goals away from the distractions of daily life. TLC provides a quiet space for a woman to progress toward a defined goal, complete a project, and develop tools to propel her life in a new direction.


Our Story

The concept of the Foundation began in 1994 ago when its founder began offering space to women in various stages of transition. One woman needed time and space to reflect on a major career change. Another was ready to finish her book. All the women benefited from the breathtaking setting, the solitude of the space, and the founder's welcoming hospitality. The decision was made in 2010 to establish a formal organization to carry out this needed service

for women. Turkey Land Cove Foundation welcomed the first grantee in 2010, and by 2017 we celebrated the 100th woman to complete a residency.

Our Successful Candidate

The successful applicant is a motivated woman with clear, definable goals and a plan to implement those goals. We are looking for a woman with the following characteristics:

leadership qualities, goal-directed, ambitious, motivated, and determined. An applicant will be

judged on the quality of her idea and the professionalism of her plan.  


Our Space

Affectionately called Tree House 2, the private residence is nestled on four waterfront acres surrounded by lush gardens and tree-covered walking trails. Our natural setting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is perfect for achieving focus.  Pond House is a smaller home, located on Slough Cove, that is reserved for our Alumnae session.

Greta, one of our grantees, working on her acupuncture business. 

A Personal Note


I was given the opportunity at a crossroads in my life to step off life's busy merry-go-round and to settle into a safe, quiet and nurturing place for a time of reflection and new growth. I was able to focus on my goals, and work on what I needed to do to successfully change my course in life. Being a single mom of four, it was a great gift to be surrounded by silence and only have myself and where I wanted to go to think about and to work on. I hope women that take the jump to come to TLCF gain and grow as much as I did during their time here at TH2.

                                                                 Kitty Burke

           Founder and President

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