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Have you ever wished that your life would just stop for a minute so you can catch your breath? Is there a passion or a dream living inside you that you’ve always wanted to have the time and space to nurture? TLC can give you the gift of time and space without distraction, to nurture that passion, to achieve that long-harbored goal. Our gift of pure freedom from the rest of your life may be hard to imagine but it can happen, just take the leap and apply. You deserve it and we want you to have it.


So far, we have helped close to 200 women achieve their goals. Turkey land Cove Foundation Alumnae include women who are:


  • Expanding a small business or rewriting a business plan

  • Starting a non-profit, community-based organization

  • Finishing paintings for an art show

  • Completing a book manuscript

  • Applying to graduate school

  • Working on a documentary script

  • Developing arts and education programming for schools

  • Finishing a Ph.D. dissertation

  • Creating a new photography portfolio

  • Business and marketing plan to start a new business

Jane developed a knitting therapy program and completed the

necessary steps to become a

Master Knitter.


When my husband died a year ago, I was bereft, confused, and doubtful that the future would offer much excitement or adventure. A year has passed and the time alone in this unfamiliar and isolated place of beauty has renewed my spirit and convinced me that I do have a lot to offer to women who are facing life’s challenges. And, in doing so, I know my life, though different, will be full of love, joy, and laughter.


Thank you for giving me a place to retreat, renew, and emerge energized to live an adventurous, generous and joyful “Second Journey” of life.


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